There’s a new edition of Making Things Talk on the street, finally!

I changed the majority of of the book, including:

  • updated the Arduino examples to Arduino 1.0,
  • updated the Processing examples to Processing 1.5,
  • changed the Lantronix examples to use the Arduino Ethernet shield,
  • updated most of the projects,
  • added several new projects,
  • re-made all the circuit diagrams using Fritzing, Illustrator, and Inkscape,
  • added two new chapters, one on mobile telephony and networks and one on protocols.

There’s also a new code repository on gitHub, where I will be keeping the code from the book and updating it. You can also expect some new examples related to networks there as I work on them. I’ll probably update the site’s look and feel soon too, as I’m a bit bored with it, and it could use a little improvement.

I’ll try to keep this site more up to date this time, with notes on changes, errata, etc.  As always, though, check the O’Reilly site for the errata.

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